Portfolio Management

We design a customized investment Plan to meet your goals whether it is for accumulation or income planning. As part of our process we make tactical changes to the portfolio ongoing that seek opportunity and also downside risk protection. Market environments change and your portfolio needs to adapt. We also seek tax efficiency by harvesting tax losses when appropriate. For larger accounts, we also buy and sell individual corporate and municipal bonds for clients on an ongoing basis for income purposes utilizing a laddered bond strategy.

Unlike commissionable brokers we act as a Fiduciary to our clients meaning we are accountable to act in your best interest and not ours. Currently we utilize Schwab Institutional and TD Ameritrade to custody our client’s assets. Both Schwab and TD offer our clients virtually any publicly traded investment and the option to purchase institutionally priced investment vehicles. In addition, both Schwab and TD provide insurance on your account in the event of theft or fraud.